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Eyelash Extensions

Call for pricing as all Eyelash Technicians are renters who run their own business so prices vary between each professional.


Make your lashes longer and thicker with the application of eyelash extensions.


​The lash extensions are applied to your individual lashes and the bond lasts 6-8 weeks if applied once with no fills. No need for mascara anymore.

Eyelash extensions remain on your natural lashes for the duration of its life cycle (60-100 days) but we naturally lose 1-5 eyelashes per day with new ones that continuously grow in. Throughout this growth cycle professionally licensed eyelash technicians will fill in your lashes every two, three or four weeks.

Because the Eyelash Technicians here are independent business owners (renters) the prices, lash styles (classic, hybrid, volume) and hours vary per individual. Appointments are STRONGLY recommended at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance of your event. We cannot guarantee availability options with less notice as our Lash Technicians are in high demand. 

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