Tips Before Hand


Shave, exfoliate, & apply a lightweight non-oil-based moisturizer 2 days ahead. Clean, moisturized skin free of dead skin cells will tan better and retain color for longer.

Check RX sensitivities to UV exposure

For Your Session

Remove makeup, jewelry, and avoid perfumes or essential oils


Apply SPF protection lip balm



Get the most out of your tanning experience with help from our tanning experts. They can help determine your skin type and direct you to the bed best suited for you along with recommending the perfect tanning lotion for your skin and budget.

To develop a solid base tan for a winter "beach" vacation Beauty & Bronze Spahh recommends you start tanning two to three weeks before your departure.

We offer something to fit your needs with four levels of tanning beds and/or personal spray tanning.

Beauty & Bronze Spahh has a large selection of tanning products allowing you to get a smooth, even tan. We carry high-quality professional products at reasonable prices to keep that perfect tan all year round.

Level 1


Level 1 tanning beds are the perfect choice if you love relaxing in a tanning bed and getting a radiant tan.

Single Use  ~ $8.00

3 Pack  ~  $19.00

6 Pack  ~  $39.00

Unlimited  ~  $48.99/mo

Level 2

Hawaii & Caribbean

Level 2 tanning beds offer specific facial lamps and increased number of bulbs for an authentic Hawaiian tan.

Single Use  ~  $10.00

3 Pack  ~  $28.00

6 Pack  ~  $49.00

Unlimited  ~  $58.99/mo

Level 3


Level 3 stand-up tanning booth has special reflectors and  more intense bulbs to spread the rays evenly and produce an outrageous tan in a shorter period of time. 

Single Use  ~  $13.00

3 Pack  ~  $34.00

6 Pack  ~  $55.00

Unlimited  ~  $64.99/mo

Level 4

Africa & Surf City

Level 4 bronzing beds offer shorter tan times and fewer visits per month. With the longer lasting, richer color you can stay totally tan longer. 

Single Use  ~  $20.00

3 Pack  ~  $55.00

6 Pack  ~  $90.00

Unlimited  ~  $99.99/mo

Spray Tan

Sunless Tanning

Spray tanning offers an instant tan that lasts 5-7 days.

Single Session

Adult  ~  $30.00

Student  ~  $20.00

*under 18, must show school id/license for student pricing

3 Pack  ~  $75.00

Unlimited  ~  $59.99/mo

Tanning Tips

Beauty & Bronze Spahh has tanning experts to help answer any questions you have in how to obtain the darque tan skin you desire.

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Winter Tanning Hours:

Monday   closed

Tuesday    10-6

Wednesday   10-6

Thursday   10-6

Friday   10-2

Saturday   9-3

Sunday   9-3

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